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So What Do They Do?  It's the first question that pops up when we start talking to someone at 2GuysTalking. "What does The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network do, exactly?"

We are a custom web content generation company, made up of industry professionals who make your websites and New/Social Media presences become more than they could have been, without breaking the bank.

From custom website creation, to detailed, quick-turn-around graphic art, to social media generation to the state-of-the-art podcast and voiceover content creation - 2GuysTalking is your one-stop shop for all of it.

Still have questions?

Be sure to contact us via our contact form online!

Niche Marketing Requires Niche Tools and Niche Craftsmen - Let Us Help You Build Success!

Custom Contact Centers Online - Custom Cartooning
New/Social Media Generation - Audio Capture/Voiceover - Custom Logo Creation
Custom Video Creation - Podcast Creation - Custom Website Design


Custom Contact Centers Online

You know you want and need a website for your business - but let's be plain - you need to have SOMETHING to get started. Why not take advantage of a Custom Contact Center online?

2GuysTalking can provide you with a great, branded, custom contact center online, that provides you with the initial steps, all the branding, and the needed punch that you need to get your feet wet with working online.

Complete with your company's branding, a custom contact form links to all existing social media and more, A Custom Contact Center online can bridge the gap between "we have nothing" into something you can be proud of that is a tool and - won't break the bank.

Contact our Sales team today and get what you and your company need to begin getting online now - and stop waiting for magic to happen - by calling the digital magicians at 2GuysTalking now!


Start Off Your Website Effort with a Custom Online Contact Center from 2GuysTalking...

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Custom Cartooning

It's what everyone wants, but is afraid to ask what it costs. Custom cartooning, especially from 2GuysTalking, is your promise and last stop shop when it comes to bringing something truly one-of-a-kind and original to the game.

Whether it's your company holiday card, a custom caricature for your boss, a new t-shirt design that kills all those 'template/online" offerings, a company mascot/character to push a new line or company initiative, or illustrations in that book you've always wanted to write - the skills, creativity, and zeal are here to get it done for you at 2GuysTalking.

Click the images at left to see more great Custom Cartooning samples online. Still don't see what you're looking for, or need something we've already made altered to fit your need? No problem!

Contact our Sales team today and get ready to receive some of the most innovative, outside-the-box consultation and satisfaction there is, with 2GuysTalking's Custom Cartooning Creation Services.








Click Here to See More Great Custom Cartooning Samples from 2GuysTalking!

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New/Social Media Content Creation/Generation

Still letting the future slip you by as you grin and avoid Social Media inside your business? It really is time to realize the literal fountain of activity, interest and eventually MONEY you're missing out on by not taking advantage of Social Media.

2GuysTalking is ready to help you harness the power of New/Social Media, by offering everything from just instruction on how to realize the potential return on investment that can be found inside social media, to literally taking over and populating regular social media postings, campaigns and more.

Got a Facebook account? Is it a personal account or a business presence? Sent out the latest company service pics via Twitter? Shared some keen insight via Google+? Don't know the difference, or understand any of what we've just said in the last two sentences shared here? Then it's time to contact 2GuysTalking and get in the New/Social Media ring and at least take some swings at success!

Ready to Start Bringing True Return on Investment via Social Media to Your Company? Enlist 2GuysTalking!

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Custom Video Capture &
Editing Services

ANYONE can do digital video capture and editing nowadays, can't they?

If you've been on YouTube at all in the last 5 years - you'll quickly realize that well - it looks like anyone CAN "do" digital video capture and editing. But who can do it WELL, while at the same time creating quality, affordable results that you can be proud of to showcase to your customers, peers and future customers?

2GuysTalking is ready to take your "website/business introduction video" to the next level, that becomes a true tool in your efforts to build success inside your business.

Contact 2GuysTalking now to get your business snapshot video captured, editing and showcased today!

Well, that or you can go watch some more shark-kitty on a vacuum/Duckling/Pitbull video...


Click Here to See This Video Created by 2Guystalking...

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Custom Logo Creation

Had a hell of a time spending hours inside of Word or Publisher making your company logo, didn'tcha'?

Look - 2GuysTalking calls an accountant when it's time to do the books. They contact the electrician to get the power run where they need it. Why aren't YOU contacting the digital media professionals at 2GuysTalking, to create your logo?

Let 2GuysTalking's designers help you come up with a striking, cost-effective, memorable logo that'll allow your current and future customers to remember who and what your business is, all while staying as professional and dignified as possible by contacting us today!

That, or take our free advice: Avoid the 3D RAINBOW-ARC-ed, WordArt feature inside of Word. It's a bit much.


The VERSUS MACHINE Podcast Logo - Created by 2GuysTalking.Com

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Voiceover Services

Think you've got a voiceover reel (either on your business' answering machine, your cell phone, your fleet center machine, etc) that's cutting the mustard? Let a friend listen to it and then realize the time has come to do something different.

Let 2GuysTalking provide you with quality, affordable, memorable voiceover services for your cell phone system, your voicemail system, or fleet address systems today. With a ton of great voice talent, as well as the experience to write great copy, memorable and attentive passages, 2GuysTalking can literally take what you've got running currently to the next level.

Sick of your cousin's voice greeting people in your phone system? Well, we sure are - Contact 2GuysTalking to get something new now!


Click Here to Hear All of the Great Voices You Can Choose from with 2GuysTalking!

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We've been doing them for 10 years now - and there's no other way to explain it than to say - no one does it like we do.

We've been harnessing people's skill sets, passions and knowledge bases for 10 years, to bring the most diverse, educational, libraried audio & video podcast collection on the planet. We have also cross the digital divide of being able to monetize your skill sets, passions, hobbies and interests into something that has become a literal marketing machine.

Do you have a unique skill set, interest, hobby or talent, that - when crafted into a podcast, would lure people of your like interests to to download your programming?

Let's have an initial chat to see how 2GuysTalking can craft a regularly-occurring, archived platform, that allows you to monetize the things you love to talk about - so that you can finally reclaim some of the joy you have in your life - while making audiences and cash doing it via podcasting with 2GuysTalking.


Click Here to See the Podcasts Currently Featured on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network...

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Custom Website Design

Websites are EASY, aren't they? Easy to know what to look like, easy to know what to include, what not to include, what they should look like AND - well anyone can put one togeth-- well - no they can't.

Look, 2GuysTalking knows how wildly you will benefit by having a quality, affordable, detailed website. We even want to help you get something up and running (see our initial Branded Contact Centers online) before the big one comes

Eventually however, YOU NEED A WEBSITE, and the templates online just aren't going to do the job that you want.

Let 2GuysTalking offer you a literal, one-of-a-kind solution that gets you up, running and memorable - all without breaking the bank, and while minimizing the frustration you have while having a website built.

Whether it's a small brochure-style website, or a full-blown, feature-filled e-commerce extravaganza, we're ready to help you into the digital landscape of the tool that will work for you - literally - while you sleep.

Initiate the discussion with 2GuysTalking's Sales Team now, and be sure to click on the links showcased at the right to see a larger version of the website, as well as the ink to see the website (when possible).

While creating a website takes work, diligence, and experience, creating one isn't supposed to be difficult. Let the professionals at 2GuysTalking help you get what you need, what you want, for the price you want today.

We're eager to help - YOU!


Click the Links Included Here to See or Visit the Sites Built By 2GuysTalking...

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